Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Training: What it can save

So what could training save a person, department, or organization that would make it worth the moeny spent? Time! One of the things I train on is using the Web effectively - especially search techniques. Teaching a handful of people in a department more effective uses of the Web - especially search techniques - can DRAMATICALLY reduce the amount of time wasted looking for some specific piece of information. There is also the matter of the best way to transfer information from one office to another. Developing workflows that fit department member's learning styles can reduce the amount of time spent figuring out how to get file A to person B. Then there's the matter of file formats. Too many people don't really understand them, how they impact their workflow, and how to take advantage of that knowledge to get their work done better. These are several areas in which some basic (i.e. inexpensive) training can make a quick and palpable difference in the bottom line (or at least the frustration level!).